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We are entertainers with the sole purpose of bringing our unique brand of "organic" entertainment to venues, companies, and individuals throughout the capital district and beyond.

What is TFL Entertainment?
TFL Entertainment


Trivia Night is our live, interactive, friendly neighborhood pub trivia; Our flagship game; tried, tested, and successful for over 9 years.


Our Karaoke nights turn everyone into ROCKSTARS! With a catalogue of over 36,000 songs, professional grade sound equipment, stage lighting, and vocal effects, you'll never look or sound like just a karaoke singer. 


Looking for something a little different to make your venue stand out? We offer other bar games and can even design a custom game to cater to your clientele. 


At TFL Entertainment, we listen to you and your ideas. You tell us what you want and we make it happen. We can help provide the tools and services you need to make your day fun and the wedding of your dreams


Kick your holiday and corporate parties up a notch with our help. We can help make your event fun, interactive, and memorable.


With our professional emcees, DJs, and entertainers, we can take the pressure off and help you raise much more money than you thought possible.


"TFL Entertainment trivia... Where the questions are as fierce as Matt's beard. The interactive style of trivia and quick wit keeps everyone entertained. There is something for everyone when it comes to TFL Entertainment."


"Big Test Ticklers"

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